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"...a great role model for the kids because she's actually done it. And always ties it into the kids school work. You never lose if you try your best."

-Sue Evans, Principal, Boyden Elementary School, Walpole, MA
Our weekend with the Dillons was in a word unforgettable. Instead of getting a couple of athletes who came to make personal appearances, we encountered a family who spoke as one in all of their thoughts, words, and deeds. Each of the Dillons has etched an individual memory on each of us involved in the Rye by-the-Sea Races. Instead of superstars we got committed Christians who live and speak out about their faith who are no longer just figureheads but prayer partners and friends for life.

 -Matt Carpenter, Director, Rye by-the-Sea Duathlon and Road Race
"I can honestly say after twelve years of teaching and hearing countless guest speakers, that they do not get any better than Patti. For almost an hour and a half she kept a group of about 50 teenage girls riveted to their seats. She spoke on many subjects and personal stories, but wove a few key themes throughout: Perserverance, gumption, determination, overcoming adversity, and finding ones dreams and obtaining them."

- Tom Robinson, LaPietra School, Honolulu, HI
"Patti is the most magnetic and inspiring speaker the Striders have heard in many years." - Dave Leonard, Merrimack Valley Striders